Tanna Farms: A Beautiful Story

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We have chosen to stock Tanna farms Coconut oil at RedKitchen because it is naturally organic, in fact the whole of Tanna Island is organic. Heather and the team are passionate about the island and the coconuts, they don’t just sell Coconut oil, they cook with it and share their stories. Below Heather shares the story with you and check out our recipes page to make this are coconut slice, we go with the chocolate dipped version…

Tanna Farms is about the Island, the coconuts and the people. Together creating The Good Stuff.
Tanna Island, Vanuatu is home to the fire-breathing Mt Yasur volcano, super rich spray free soils, wild coconut palms and people bursting at the seams to share their amazing produce with the world – starting in New Zealand.
Our coconuts come from family farms around the island where they are gathered only once they fall from the palms when nature is ready to let them go. The coconuts are gathered up and taken to the small factory to be lovingly hand processed from the grating of the fresh flesh, through careful drying then hand pressing using the Direct Micro Expelling (DME) process to create our extra virgin coconut oil. It takes time and care but it’s worth it.
The Tanna Farms story is about people as much as it is about coconuts. From the growers and their communities…to the drivers who collect the coconuts…from the staff in our Lenakal factory…to the Kiwi and Ni-Vanuatu families who forged a link between New Zealand and Tanna Island to create a sustainable business on the island: Together we empower the communities of Vanuatu.
Together we create The Good Stuff, so you can enjoy the taste of our paradise at home whether you cook with it, or add it to your smoothies.
Learn more at www.tannafarms.co.nz


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