Organise your material and use your recipes…

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I love cookbooks and have a little addiction to magazines (I buy more than I can possibly read in a month) but I found they were all starting to take up a lot of space and I had many cookbooks that I very rarely (OK never)used. My bookshelves were so full of inspiration, that I felt like my brain was about to explode every time I browsed though them. This year things had to change, I had every issue of dish magazine since it started. I sorted it out, and now I  use what I have..

Here are 5 tips to sort out your material, so you use what you have
1. Now every time I bought home a new cookbook, I  got rid of 10 old ones. I am now down to my absolute favourites.
2. I chose a favourite cookbook and it sits open in a holder on my bench for one month, I often browse through it at night and            cook from it often during the month, until it is turned back out to pasture for the next one.
3. Start cooking from your ipad. Cooking from your ipad is the bomb, we even sell little ipad holders for the Kitchen, yes check out our online shop. You can also find RedKitchen recipes on your iPad.
4. Use the Apps available on your Ipad. I downloaded the Dish Magazine App and have gone through every magazine and made my favourite recipes my favourite recipes on the App. All my favourite recipes are together, and I have no hardcopies and no clutter on my bookshelf. I also regularly use Megan Mays little Bird App, it was only $7.95  and I gave my Unbakery book to a friend
5.Absolutely tried and tested family favourites make it into the white folder, and we cook from this at least once a week. Not just any old recipe makes the white folder, it has to be a real hit to make this folder. This is the book I would publish (but some recipes are straight out of other books!!!)

This week you can organise your recipes and then we can get started on a few easy weeknight meals..



  1. Sharon williams

    I am like you I have too many cookbooks for the bookcase so now I fill up the iPad , I would love to win one of these please with your new giveaway

  2. Jo Curry

    This would be an awesome addition, I use cookbooks but I am finding using my ipad more and more for recipes so this would be awesome!

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