Lets Get Started…


Welcome to my Blog. I want to inspire everyone to eat well and love being in the Kitchen. Are you ready to start your Journey with me, as I share recipes, tips, and setting your kitchen up with items that will serve you and your lifestyle.
So lets get to the essence of me, so you know what what your in for. I am a Mum of 3 perfect kids, i know it’s unbelieveable…but true. My husband Mathew and I run RedKitchen (I am also pretty certain he is the father of my 3 perfect kids), so we are busy, we also have a big garden and 2 pigs. We eat well at home every night, and it does take a little bit of planning. It would be safe to call us foodies! I want to help you to eat well at home everyday, whether you are a busy Mum, stuck for ideas or live by yourself. I also have a regular spread in Nourish Magazine, and you can find all my favourite recipes on our website www.redkitchen.co.nz
So for my next post, we are going to cover material (recipes,) how to organise it and how to use what you have.

Lets get started my friends….